Conference Mining Digital Repositories 10-11 April 2014

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Mining Digital Repositories:  Challenges and Horizons

National Library of the Netherlands

10-11 April 2014

The Hague, the Netherlands


Toine Pieters and Jaap Verheul (UU)


Full program

Alice Dijkstra: Funding Opportunities and Valorization/Impact


The primary aim of this workshop is to assess the opportunities and challenges involved in using trans-national, multi-lingual, and multi-media digital repositories (such as newspapers periodicals and radio/television broadcasts) in computational humanities research. The workshop will discuss a number of showcases that use advanced text mining methodologies to analyze “big data” repositories in the UK,  Germany, Luxemburg, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the US. This inventory of the state-of-the-art serves as starting point for an exploration of the conceptual and technological horizons that open up ahead. The agenda setting ambition of this workshop is;

  1. To assess the opportunities and challenges of (re-)using transnational big data repositories (including practical concerns in terms of sharing data, licensing, citation, repeatability of results, interface, and tool development);
  2. To assess the opportunities and challenges of cross-border data flows;
  3. To assess the opportunities and challenges of the further development of digital multimedia and online services for research purposes;
  4. To stimulate international collaboration on the (re-)use of digital heritage resources to foster innovation (within the Horizon 2020 funding schemes).


The workshop will serve as a benchmark for state-of-the-art in data mining research within a number of ongoing collaborative research projects, such as “Translantis:  Digital Humanities Approaches to Reference Cultures; The Emergence of the United States in Public Discourse in the Netherlands, 1890-1990” (funded by a NWO-Horizon grant) and ”Asymmetrical Encounters: Digital Humanities Approaches to Reference Cultures in Europe, 1815–1992”(AsymEnc, funded by HERA).